Candidate Kōrero #8: Teall Crossen

Candidate Korero_1

In the run-up to the NZ election, we are profiling our Green Party candidates and sharing their messages with Kiwis around the world. Today we have a message from Teall Crossen, candidate for Rongotai and number fifteen on our list.

-Crossen_Teall-006-crop-webCurrent Role:
Candidate for Rongotai and 15 on Party List

My Area Of Passion:
Environmental justice: climate change, biodiversity and rivers.

My Number One Goal in Government:
Legally binding commitment to reduce our domestic emissions to net zero by 2050, and a plan to get there.

My favourite thing about being a Kiwi:
The accessibility of our wild places, rivers, beaches, forests and mountains. All here on your doorstep. And I really love our food and wine.

One lesson we can learn from overseas:
Invest in public transport and cycling infrastructure to reduce our carbon emissions and make our cities easier to get around for everyone. I lived in Amsterdam for three years working for Greenpeace and fell in love with the cycling culture over there – giving colleagues a lift home from work on the back of my bike. Loved it.

My favourite place overseas:
Vancouver Island. Beautiful rugged beaches, surf, rainforest and amazing hiking/tramping.

My favourite place in New Zealand:
Wellington where I live. It has a little bit of the edge of New York, great places to eat, amazing coffee and I can walk through the town belt to my local beach. Magic.

My message for International Kiwis:
Party Vote Green for a NZ you can be proud of and that you want to come home to. And encourage everyone you know to too.

Follow Teall on Facebook here.

Enrolment is open now and International voting begins on September 6.

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