Globetrotting Greens #1: Charles in Guernsey


In the lead-up to the election on September 23, we’re profiling some of widespread international volunteer and asking them to share why they’re voting Green in 2017. Today, meet Charles – a Cantabrian living in the Channel Islands.


I grew up in central Canterbury. I had a great childhood. Hunting rabbits along the hedgerows and pine plantations. I caught eels and trout in the water races and swam in the rivers.

In 2000, I emigrated to London and have now ended up living in Guernsey (in the Channel Islands) with my family. I returned to central Canterbury this year and was shocked to see how the rivers have become polluted, the shelter belts removed and the water races shut down.

I am also saddened and surprised to see how obvious the gap between rich and poor had become in New Zealand. Poverty is now really noticeable and it has definitely got worse since I left New Zealand.

Our precious native species have become more threatened than ever. We now have 3000 species threatened with extinction.

I support the Greens because they are the only political party that has effective policies that will address New Zealand’s environmental problems and have aim to reduce social economic gap between the well-off and the poor.

Enrolment is open now and International voting begins on September 6.