Candidate Kōrero #11: Teanau Tuiono

Candidate Korero_1

In the run-up to the NZ election, we are profiling our Green Party candidates and sharing their messages with Kiwis around the world. Today we have a message from Teanau Tuiono, candidate for Manurewa and number 16 on our list.

NotRoadsCurrent Role:
Political candidate number 16. I see this as an extension of the organising that I’ve been doing on social justice and environmental issues.

My Area Of Passion:
Indigenous Rights in the context of the environment

My Number One Goal in Government:
Sorting out climate change is up there but so is eliminating poverty. I am from the Te Uriroroi hapū so protecting the Poroti springs would also feature. I would like to support the revitalisation of Pasifika languages from the realm countries as well. So many issues! I can’t pick one. I will do them all!

My favourite thing about being a Kiwi:
There is a song by Trinity Roots called “Home, Land and Sea”, for me it encapsulates how I feel about Aotearoa on many levels. I like it because I feel that is neither nationalist or patriotic but instead asks us how we connect more deeply to this place we call home in more fundamental tones. I am definitely Iwi before I’m a Kiwi in that respect.

One lesson we can learn from overseas:
Most of the world speaks more than one language. Learn te reo Māori. It grounds us to the place and history of Aotearoa it is a part of who we are.

My favourite place overseas:
Paris, France – I lived there, I dig that city.

My favourite place in New Zealand:
Cuba street, Wellington.

My message for International Kiwis:
Keep New Zealand Green for reals! Party Vote Green fam!

Follow Teanau on Facebook here.

International voting is open until September 22 in person or September 23 (NZT) online.

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