Candidate Kōrero #10: Eugenie Sage

Candidate Korero_2In the run-up to the NZ election, we are profiling our Green Party candidates and sharing their messages with Kiwis around the world. Today we have a message from Eugenie Sage, candidate for Port Hills and number four on our list.

Eugenie Sage 2017 election 2

Current Role:
Green MP and Spokesperson for Environment, Primary Industries, Water, and Earthquake Commission.

My Area Of Passion:
Wild rivers and wild landscapes

My Number One Goal in Government:
Ensure that Kiwis are aware of our biodiversity crisis; that the government invests in conservation and works with councils and communities to protect the native plants and animals that are only found here in Aotearoa and we stop any species going extinct.

My favourite thing about being a Kiwi:
Our wonderful wild places and rivers

One lesson we can learn from overseas:
The UK planning system encourages compact cities and towns through “green belts” which protect the countryside from sprawling suburbs.

My favourite place overseas:
Dettifoss waterfall in Iceland and Denmark’s cycle paths.

My favourite place in New Zealand:
The Tarawera Falls where the river shoots out of a volcanic cliff.

My message for International Kiwis:
We can make our “clean, green 100% Pure” image real and look after our rivers and wild places. We can take action on climate change. We need your Party Vote to do that. Party Vote Green in 2017.

Follow Eugenie on Facebook here.

International voting is open until September 22 in person or September 23 (NZT) online.

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